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We are recruiting!
Openings for Postdoc and PhD students

We are committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive lab environment where every member can thrive. Students joining the lab can expect a positive and collaborative atmosphere, where their thoughts and ideas are welcomed and valued. Dr. Gao understands the importance of personalized mentorship and will provide individualized guidance based on each student's unique personality, professional interests, and future career aspirations. The lab strives to create a supportive community that promotes holistic development and fosters a sense of belonging for all lab members.

We highly value your enthusiasm and willingness to accept challenges to perform high-impact research!


Interested researchers are encouraged to submit a CV and a cover letter summarizing past research experience, proposed project(s), and a career plan at Candidates will be contacted for interviews within 1-2 weeks if their background matches our research. Preferred experience includes material synthesis, drug delivery, neuroscience, in-vivo experiments, etc.

Graduate students

​Prospective students should major in Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, Chemical Biology, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Material Sciences or a related field. Please apply to the UMass Department of Biomedical Engineering or Material Science & Engineering program. For spring admission, the deadline is October 1 for all programs which offer entrance in January. For Fall admission, the deadline is December.  Interested students should inquire Dr. Gao at directly and schedule individual meetings. 

Undergraduate students (Please check back next year)

Please note that all undergraduate research opportunities for this year are filled; kindly check back in Spring 2025 for updated openings.

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