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Principle Investigator

Jingjing Gao Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Faculty of Material Science and Engineering Program, Neuroscience and Behavior Program


Dr. Gao got her bachelor's degree from South-Central Minzu University and her master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Shanghai JiaoTong University, China. Then she earned Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst under the mentorship of Dr. S. Thayumanavan, where she cultivated expertise in synthesizing intelligent nanomaterials to achieve targeted drug delivery. Then she pursued postdoctoral under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Karp and Dr. Nitin Joshi at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where she focused on translational research of medical devices and drug delivery platforms for neurological disorders. She was been recognized as MIT Rising Stars of Chemical Engineering, and Future Faculty Scholar by American Chemical Society PMSE. 

Graduate Students


1st year PhD student

B.S. Guangdong Medical University 

M.S. Guangdong Medical University 

Outside the lab, I enjoy painting and playing instruments.


IMG_4296 2_edited.jpg

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Minor: Computer Science

Besides my passion for science, I love dancing and listening to music. My favorite genres for enjoying are R&B and Jazz, but when I hit the dance floor, it is amazing to groove with old-school hip-hop!


Major: Biomedical Engineering

On a ∞ journey to advance my skill in neural engineering, one focus, one dream ~ when aligned with another, creates 8x value. 


Major: Biomedical Engineering

I'm eager to explore and grasp the existing realm of bme, and bridge the gap between healthcare and Engineering to improve lifes.


Major: Biology

I love learning about cellular biology and the anatomy and physiology of different body systems. The prospect of combining these strengths to conduct research into nanoparticle delivery to better treat human diseases is very exciting! In my free time, I like baking, singing and taking care of my plants.

Kayvon Touserkani_Headshot.jpg

Major: Biomedical Engineering

My academic interests include connecting engineering principles with science to optimize the human body. When not studying, you can find me at the tennis courts or hiking on a trail.


Major: Biomedical Engineering

I am passionate about chemistry, biology, and learning how to apply these disciplines to engineering concepts. Outside of my studies, I enjoy second-hand shopping, drinking coffee, hanging out with cats and swimming.

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